Monday, July 13, 2015

Looks Like Summer: Finding the positive side of this heat (episode 6)

I'll be honest. My birthday may be in July, but it is one of my least favorite months. August is second. I dislike summer, humidity, and being hot. I try not to complain too much in front of  the kids, but it really saps my energy and I feel like a giant, sweaty, stinky slug. Blogging my way through the summer with pictures is one attempt at finding the positive things about summer.

Some of my kids deal with the heat better than I do. Barefoot boys love to play in the sunshine.

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We love the sight of hay bales. We love them even more when they're lined up in a row in our own field so the kids can climb on them and jump from bale to bale.

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Baby B gets to hang out at the park while his siblings take swim lessons each morning. He wishes he had pool time, too.

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Our kittens are growing up!

And finally ... a few more flowers this summer!

We've already had our popsicles today, and supper is in the crock pot. We're just trying to stay cool in the living room with our only window air conditioner today, since it's nearly 100* outside. It's 86 and humid inside. Fans blowing everywhere. The good news is that if you go outside for awhile, and then come back in, the house feels cool.

Secretly counting down until Fall,
April E.

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