Thursday, July 23, 2015

Looks Like Summer: Hot Days and the County Fair (episode 7)

It's fair week! We started off the week having to finish our 4-H projects. Thankfully, God sent a few cool days so we could do some baking for Foods & Nutrition and not overheat the kitchen and my bedroom.

The kids did fairly well with their 4-H projects this year. There were lots of reds and blues on their craft projects and woodworking. They were a little disappointed not to get any purples on their crafts (purple means state fair quality). 16 year old C earned a blue on her reading poster and 9 year old L got her first purple ever on her reading poster.

The boys learned that they did well at the shooting sports fair shoot last month and will get some blue ribbons, purple ribbons, and even some junior champion ribbons for it later this week. The kids are all looking forward to the next 4H meeting when they're handed an envelope of cash based on their ribbon placings, though.

And now, the pictures ...

A photo posted by April E (@elcloudapril) on

A photo posted by April E (@elcloudapril) on

A photo posted by April E (@elcloudapril) on

A photo posted by April E (@elcloudapril) on

We couldn't take our chickens to the fair this year, due to the new bird flu they're worried about. No one is allowed to move their chickens anywhere, but we still enjoyed looking at all the other animals last night.

I'm sure next week's edition of Looks Like Summer will have a few more fair pictures in it. We're there every single night this week.

April E.

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