Saturday, October 10, 2015

Fall Favorites: Toilets and Fall Decor (episode 4)

No, that title doesn't make sense. Toilets don't usually fit in with fall decor. But that is what our week consisted of. You'll see what I mean.

I just wanted to spend my week reading For the Love under a blanket, laughing at how very real Jen Hatmaker is. Her description of being 40 and also spicy families were so completely true for me, as well.

Instead I had to help do this. Leaking toilets and soggy floors can not wait.

How's that for being real? But rest assured, we have a toilet again and a strong floor under it, just no floor covering yet. For the record, my husband and I are not natural DIY'ers. We do it ourselves to save money, but it takes us probably 3 times as long as a professional would. (Maybe more.)

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In the midst of that, my 9 year old daughter just HAD to have fall decorations hung up and set out. The house is a mess, my roof is still unfinished, the bathroom was torn up, but we decorated.

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After all that, and some rough attempts at homeschooling (not hitting all our subjects very well) I got this reward.

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That was one week down. Now to just finish the roof and get the house looking clean and pretty enough to fit in with the fall decorations.

I hope you're enjoying your fall!
April E.

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