Friday, November 6, 2015

Fall Favorites: Trunk 'N Treat and Science Fairs (episode 8)

We have had a hectic week. Since I last posted, we had our church's annual Trunk 'N Treat outreach, church, the 4H Achievement Banquet, school, Crew reviews, and our homeschool group's Science Fair. Oh, 5 yo V also had her 6 month eye exam, and no longer needs to wear an eye patch on her weaker eye! That was great news!

But on to the pictures ...

Trunk 'N  Treat costumes. I skipped mine and Steve's, though. :)

Homeschool Science Fair was FUN!

She isn't ready to let it go. The science fair lives on ... and on ... and on ...

That's what our fall looks like this week.

April E.

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