Friday, March 4, 2016

Life, Laughter, Love with ElCloud Homeschool (episode 2)


Ten days ago we lost our dog, and my kids were very sad. One was particularly devastated, since he considered her his dog. He's been missing her a lot and begging for another dog daily.

We fit a college visit in for my 16 year old that week and rushed home to celebrate the 3 year old's birthday. We took a pinterest idea of cupcakes and a train track and adapted it for a rectangular cake instead.

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Earlier this week we had a medical day with our homeschool group. We learned about the human body, had a visit from emergency services, and presented talks about different body systems to the group.

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Spring is almost here! We have flowers starting to sprout their leaves and even tiny Siberian Squill blooms.

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And then a flu hit. It started with the teens and then it got the baby. We'll see who else gets it.

The week took a bit of an up-turn when our adult daughter bought a puppy and asked us to puppy-sit for a few days. Now everyone wants a puppy of our own again.

It's been a hectic, rough couple weeks, but it's also been good. Isn't life always like that? A mixture of good and bad, blessings and sadness.

April E.

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