Thursday, May 5, 2016

Life keeps moving ...

Every day is a whirlwind of activities and kids needing me. This week we had our Homeschool Group Field Day, and next week is our final official week of our school year. We don't school year-round, though summers are always full of other educational opportunities: summer reading program, baseball, swim lessons, christian camps, 4-H projects, county fair, outdoor exploration, and family field trips/daycations. Life keeps moving.

This summer I'll turn 43. My third daughter will be a senior next school year, my baby is 3 years old, and I'll become a Grandma in December. We are looking at photographers for one daughter's senior pictures, and shopping yard sales for baby items for another daughter. Life keeps moving.

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We got a puppy this week, to replace our last dog. She's almost a dog, I say. This tiny puppy is a chihuahua/miniature schnauzer mix and she's kitten-sized at the moment. This means early mornings as I get up with her, take her potty, and then let her play after being kenneled all night. I'm tired, but life keeps moving.

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I need to start planning next school year. I know what we'll be using for curriculum, for the most part. I do need to buy Teaching Textbooks 7 and just tentatively plot out how the year will flow. Of course, I also have a growing stack of review books to read and then review on my blog. My husband asked me last night if our washer and dryer were working. He then suggested I start using them again. Yeah, the laundry is a bit behind. Life keeps moving.

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I know you understand what I mean. Life is busy. It keeps moving on, changing, and stretching us. But God is with us. His love fills us, gives us strength to carry on, and helps us pour out love on our family in the midst of the busyness.

Just keep your eyes on him and enjoy the journey that is your life.

April E.

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