Monday, June 13, 2016

Review: Wonderland Coloring Book by Amily Shen

Yes, this is another coloring book review! Except this coloring book is one I selected for my children instead of myself. Wonderland is a whimsical coloring book inspired by Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. The illustrations were created by Amily Shen.  Wonderland is another 10x10 inch square coloring book, with 80 pages ... so many illustrations to color!

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When I requested my review copy, I initially thought my 10 and 17 year old daughters would enjoy coloring these illustrations. However, my 5 year old daughter and 7 year old son have also been eager to get their hands on the book! It has been a hit with all my girls and one of my sons.

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Some of the coloring pages are single page elements like a peacock, a vial of potion to make her shrink, or a nest with eggs in it. There are also several two-page illustrations - some of which look like book illustrations for Alice in Wonderland, and others that are lovely but less obviously Wonderland-ish. (Like my new word?)

As with many of my favorite coloring books, there are very complex pages (like the Queen of Hearts) and some that are simpler for when you have less time or when you want to let a younger child color in the book. Although I did get this for my children primarily, I do want to color the two-page illustration with the fawns around a little house, and the two-page illustration of Alice following a card-man past several coffee shops. (Were there really coffee shops in the book?)

One feature I really like about this softcover book is that there is actually a dustjacket on the book. When you remove the dust jacket and turn it over, you have a 30x10 inch long butterfly coloring page to color. If you remove the dust jacket from the book, you can use gel pens or markers to color the illustrations on the book covers itself, as well! Bonus coloring pages!

We're enjoying Wonderland and its whimsical style at our house!

April E.

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