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Review: Moments & Days by Michelle Van Loon

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I have to admit I didn't grow up with any familiarity with church holidays (holy days) other than Good Friday, Easter, Advent, and Christmas. As an adult, I've learned more about Pascha, Epiphany, Passover, and All Saints Day, though we still primarily celebrate those that my husband and I grew up celebrating.

Michelle Van Loon doesn't just present a factual list of holy days and how to celebrate them in Moments & Days: How Our Holy Celebrations Shape Our Faith. She explains the spiritual significance of each holy day in the past, and the present. The book is divided into two sections: Jewish Biblical and Historical Feasts, and The Christian Calendar. Each chapter covers the Bible background for the holiday, a historical explanation of changes in celebration, how Jesus is the fulfillment of the holiday's emphasis, and practical suggestions for celebrating the holy day in your family.

The greater emphasis of the book is to let the rhythm of the holy days mark our life, to consider it a yearly cycle of personal worship and growth. Michelle explains how focusing on the meaning behind each holy day can help us to grow closer to Christ and point our children to God. Moments & Days isn't just about decorations and the physical trappings of a holiday. Van Loon takes us deeper into the spiritual focus of each holiday and meaningful ways to celebrate them.

If you're looking for more depth in your spiritual walk, guidance in helping your children understand holidays, and a Christ-centric rhythm to your daily life, you really should read Moments & Days. This book is for every Christian - Messianic Christian, Arab Christian, Catholic Christian, Protestant Christian, Non-Denominational Christians. Everyone who wants to understand and celebrate the deeper spiritual focus of the holy days.

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