Thursday, January 19, 2017

Review: NIV Journal the Word Bible by Zondervan

I didn't really need another Bible, but I couldn't resist the beautiful botanical print on this cloth-covered hardcover Bible. It's so pretty and well-made. If botanical print isn't your preference, it is also available in other covers. Mostly, I am extremely thankful for the lightly-lined margins which give me so much room for taking notes in church or adding my own thoughts on Bible passages.

The NIV Journal the Word Bible doesn't have any other special features. There are no maps, no commentary, no glossary or concordance. It's simply the Scripture and some small footnotes at the bottom of each page. This allows the Bible to remain reasonably sized, despite the extra space allotted for note-taking. The hardcover Bible measures approximately 8 inches by 6.5 inches, and is 1.5 inches thick. It's still perfectly sized for carrying with you to church.

The Scripture text is printed in a single column rather than the usual double-columns per page. I know the purpose was actually to make room for the note-taking section, but I like this format much better.  It reads more like a normal book this way, rather than going down each page twice before switching pages.

Although I enjoy art, I have found it hard to try to create art in my Bible. Personally, I want the ability to erase and try again that this paper quality doesn't really allow. I also never want my artwork to make the Scripture itself unreadable. So, I can't really attest to how well this particular Bible would work for the art-journaling trend.

I can however tell you that if you always find yourself taking prolific notes on the pastor's sermon or writing notes, dates, thoughts in the margins of your Bible, the NIV Journal The Word Bible is perfect! There is plenty of room for word definitions, sermon notes, and more. You'll be able to look back on lessons learned over the years, and leave a legacy for your children in this beautiful Bible filled with your handwritten notes. A beautiful legacy!

April E.

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