Friday, April 14, 2017

Review: Welcome to College by Jonathan Morrow

 I've sent two daughters off to college, and my third daughter starts college this Fall. She'll be attending the local community college, and we've talked about how she can find Christian friends at college. What if her roommates have different values and lifestyles than hers? In other words, how will she live out her Christian faith in a secular environment?

Welcome To College: A Christ-Follower's Guide For the Journey, by Jonathan Morrow, was recently updated and re-released. Its re-release couldn't be more timely for my daughter. This book has 43 topical chapters that begin with quotes and applicable Scripture, a few pages that discuss the topic, and end with a bullet-point synopsis and a list of further resources.

Jonathan Morrow tackles difficult subjects: the existence of God, whether or not all roads lead to God, evil and suffering, evolution vs. Intelligent Design, sexuality, and death. He also discusses the practical topics of money, gender roles, dating, health, schoolwork, and how to study the Bible. All of his advice is Biblical and encouraging, pointing our young adults back to God and a Biblical worldview.
The appendices include a Bible reading plan for your first semester of college, the pros and cons of Christian colleges and secular colleges, resources for learning more about philosophy, and discussion questions for each chapter. The discussion questions make it simple to read the book in a study group with other college students or high school seniors preparing for college. 

Welcome to College is helpful for all young adults launching into the world, not just for those heading to college. I like that each chapter is short. If a young adult tackles one chapter a week, they'll finish the book in less than a year. If they read the chapters out of order, as questions arise, they have manageable chunks of information that are easily located, relevant, Biblical, and helpful.
I'm thankful for this resource for my graduate. I would have appreciated it when I was graduating and entering the world on my own.

April E.

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