About Us


Welcome to ElCloud Homeschool blog!

My name is April, and I've been married to my best friend, Steve, for 20 years. This blog is where I share about our Christian faith, our family life, our homeschool, and my reviews of curriculum and books.

Steve and I are the parents of 9 creative, active, distractible, strong-willed children who tend to undo any organization that we achieve  We watch the 2nd law of thermodynamics act itself out in our home daily.  Disorder prevails, and lots of energy has to be expended to restore order.   Even MORE energy is expended in getting the children to expend THEIR energy in restoring order. Two of our children have flown from our nest into their own nests, which they have to keep in order now.

I don't use our children's names on my blog, but I do use initials and ages. I know that can be confusing, but much less confusing to ourselves, our family and friends than it would be if I used aliases for our children.

Our children with nests of their own:
A - 22 year old daughter - homeschool graduate, college graduate, married and teaching
R - 20 year old daughter - homeschool graduate, college student, married with one child

Our children still in our nest:
C - 18 year old daughter - homeschool graduate, college student
J - 17 year old son - homeschool 11th grade
M - 14 year old son - homeschool 8th grade
L - 12 year old daughter - homeschool 6th grade
G - 9 year old son - homeschool 3rd grade
V - 7 year old daughter - homeschool 1st grade
B - 5 year old son - preschooler, sweetheart, train aficionado

Our grandchildren:
L - 1 year old grandson - hangs out with Grandma and his aunts/uncles most weekdays

We homeschool using as many living books as we can, since Charlotte Mason's style is what draws us.  We use a variety of different curricula, and love when life presents its own opportunities for learning.   I'm relaxed about school, especially with my younger students.  I save the structured homeschool and textbooks for the junior and senior high students.  We aren't unschoolers, but we adapt our curriculum to suit our family's needs. We always seem to fall on the "relaxed" side of whatever curriculum we use.

That's just a little bit about me and my family.  I am a perfectionist, but not perfect by any means.  More often than not, I am frustrated because things do not go as I had hoped and planned.  Frequently, I am the failure point, not the children.  But every day is a new day to try again, every week is a new week of homeschool.  My husband loves me, "warts and all", and my children are learning that it's okay to make mistakes.  Life goes on, and God is good!

Deuteronomy 6:4-9 is our goal for our family and our homeschool. We just keep trying to walk out our faith with our children and in front of them on a daily basis.

April E.