Tuesday, January 26, 2010

TOS Review: MathScore.com by Accurate Learning

MathScore is a website created by MIT graduates to provide a math mastery program that would not be filled with "fluff".  Proven to raise test scores, it provides randomly-generated math problems that automatically increase or decrease in difficulty based on the student's performance.  As the student completes each worksheet, they are facing a time limit, which can be lengthened by the parent if students struggle with the time given.   Scores and trophies are earned as students progress through the worksheets, which are grouped by topic within each grade. 

As a web-based product for grades 2 through 9, it is available in multiple locations, on multiple computers, without concern for operating systems or minimum system requirements.   The parent creates an account for themselves, and then one for each child.  The children log in under their own username and password to practice their math facts.   If you have multiple computers with internet-capability, you can have more than one child logged in at a time.

Students can also take assessments to determine weaknesses and strengths for each individual student.  Once the assessment is completed, MathScore suggests topics for the student to focus on.  Under each math topic, you can view a mini-lesson and view sample problems before beginning the online worksheets.  Once you begin the worksheets, you are advanced through the levels according to your success rate.

Parents can view their children's login history, their activity summary (time online, worksheets completed, idle time, etc.).  Parents can also view their children's progress in each topic.  These reports can be printed, and filed for record of the work their student has completed.

MathScore is priced at $14.95/month for the first student, $5/month for the second child, and $3.95/month for each additional child.   For the first two months of a membership, the first child only costs $9.95/month.   There is no long-term commitment, although if you purchase a 9 month membership, the price stays at $9.95/month for the first child for the entire 9 months.   There are discounts given for larger payments, and the account can be frozen while on vacation.

MathScore is a well-designed program that does what it promises to do -- it provides practice for children in math skills, increasing their mastery of the skills, without fun and games.  Despite that, it's not something that my children nor I will continue to use.

To be perfectly honest, my children were not excited about this program because it lacked the fun and games.  They were not motivated to use the program on their own at all.  The price seems affordable when I first look at it, until I calculate how much it would cost for an entire year.  For my children to continue using MathScore would cost us $26.80 - $31.80/ month, depending on how we choose to pay for it.  Multiply that by 12, and that is well over $300.  $300 that could buy a lot of actual curriculum to put on my bookshelves, instead of a non-reusable service.

As always, other Crew members may have different opinions, so check out what they had to say about MathScore.

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  1. I'm on a hunt for something like this that would help a couple of our children really master those facts that they can be so slow to recall. I will keep hunting as I am really hoping that there is soemthing out there that will be just right for them!

    Thanks for your honest review!

  2. If you'd like to see a list of all the math reviews our family has done on the Crew, it might help you find the product you're looking for.




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