Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What is my 3 year old learning these days?

She's learning to sing lots of songs from her older sisters' personal music tastes.

She's learning to quote commercials, like the popcorn tea party one that keeps replaying during the Olympics.

She's learning not to hold a fork above your face, because you might drop it and have it land in your eye.

She's learning that it hurts when things land in your eye.

She's learning that when you want a chocolate chip cookie, it helps to specify "one with chocolate chips in it, Mom."

She's learning that when you are handed a chocolate chip cookie, the first thing you do is flip it over to count the chocolate chips.

She's learning how to draw family portraits.

She's learning (again) that we do NOT color on the walls.

She's learning how to be too cute for her own good.

She's learning how to make the whole family laugh with her "too smart for her age" personality.

She's learning how to apologize when she knows she's done something wrong.

She's learning how to match her clothing ... and what just doesn't work.

She's learning how to give the best hugs.

Trusting In Him,

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