Tuesday, May 25, 2010

He's going to the moon ...

Last night Steve and I were working in the garden.  Most of the children were out there with us, though they were playing more than working.  Steve had 10 yo C pulling some weeds and uncovering plants he accidentally buried as he tilled alongside them.  But the younger four were chasing toads and wandering around.

1 yo G was wandering up to our road, and we'd call him back.  He followed Steve around as he was tilling, and he stepped on the newly planted potatoes for me.  During one of his visits to me, I asked him if he saw the moon (which is almost full).  He looked around, and I pointed UP to show him the moon.

When he saw it, I told him that God made the moon to give us light at night.  He immediately started walking away in the direction the moon was.  I told him to come back.  He pointed up at the moon, bounced on his toes, and said "uh, uh" ... which is G-talk for "But I want to go get the moon!"

I had to inform him that he couldn't get the moon ... it was much too far away.  So then I asked him if he could see the trees that God made for us.  Those were safely behind me, toward the house.  He headed off to inspect the trees instead.

Steve tried to say it was my fault he wanted to go get the moon, because I planted the idea in his mind.  Really?  All I did was show him the moon and tell him God made it.  He is a busy boy, and he loves to be outside with his family.  When Steve is mowing, we don't let him go outside ... so he stands on a chair and watches him through the window.

We didn't have much daylight left, but we planted another long row of potatoes (and a very very short row of extra potatoes), 8 pepper plants, and 8 tomato plants.   Steve tilled, I planted ... God watered overnight.   Thanks, God ... for the rain, the moon, and sweet toddler boys!


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  1. G sounds like such a sweetie. He can see so much of God's creation close up and the moon is so very far away. But that wasn't going to stop him. You did well to point out God's creation to him and I'm sure you'll keep it up! :)


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