Friday, January 21, 2011

Looking for Joy in Each Day

I have to admit that many of my days are routine.  I am sure that is true of most mothers, but it often feels like each day is just another round of chores, nagging at my children, people needing things from me, and an unending pile of laundry.  I trudge through the days "doing the next thing" but not always enjoying the process.

Perhaps it's the winter blues, but I have been feeling really negative lately, and finding myself more irritable each day.  I just feel like everyone wants something from me, and I can't ever get caught up.  Things that usually roll off my back are sticking to me, annoying me.  When I get this way, I usually refer to it as being "stuck in a negative rut."   I can't think of anything to write about, and when Steve asks me how I'm doing or how things are going, I give him a gloomy "Okay" for an answer.

So I decided it's time to LOOK for joy in each day, to find something to smile about.  Even if it's something as small as a new pair of socks that feel "just right", I want to be sure to recognize that and try to get out of the rut.  So, with that in mind I started making a list of things that have brought even the smallest smile to my face lately.

Things to smile about:

  • I love walking in the snow, following bunny tracks, and watching the sunlight sparkle on the snowflakes.  I love how the moonlight reflects off the snow-covered world making the night glow softly blue.

  • I love how Baby V's entire body shows her happiness to see me.  Her arms start to wiggle and her legs kick as if she's doing the Happy Dance while laying on her back.

  • I love when Baby V sees me, smiles, and begins to laugh.  I love when I'm nursing her and she stops nursing to smile and giggle at me for just a moment.

  • I love knowing that my 2 year old, 4 year old, and 6 year old love me and still want to snuggle with me.  (I will try not to find this annoying and burdensome, because I know it will not last long.)

  • I love that my daughters want to tell me what they're thinking, and what they're dreaming.  (I will try not to let my mental to-do list keep me from listening to what they want to tell me.)

  • I love hearing one of my children tell me something they've learned in their lessons, or something they like about their curriculum.

  • I love that my husband is glad to see me and eager to spend time with me.  I love that he comes home each night, that he calls me as he's driving home, and that he finds little ways to bless me.

  • I love that my God knows my heart, sees my faults, and sees around my bad attitude.  I love that He also points out to me when I'm having a bad attitude and can help draw me out of the funk.

  • I love finding green and tan eggs in the straw while soft fluffy feathery things cluck softly around me.  (Just wish it wasn't so far away in the cold to get there.)

  • I loved seeing my three boys tucked into their own beds last night (even 2 yo G) with books to read, listening to Veggie Tales songs on their CD player.

  • I love the times when my children work together happily, or play together happily.  It helps block out the moments when they fight and argue.

  • I love to see each of my children sleeping peacefully, the 2 yo napping on the couch or tucked in his "big boy bed", the baby sleeping in my arms or her own bed.

  • I love my warm house, my snuggly bed, and fleece pajamas.

  • I love steaming cups of hot coffee, rich hot cocoa, and hot tea warming my hands.

  • I love my Bible, and moments of reading God's Word in my blue rocking recliner.

  • I love fleece blankets and afghans on winter days.

  • I love my family, every single one of them.  I choose to serve them joyfully, and will treasure the joyful moments of each day.

Are you stuck in a rut ... just persevering, too?  What makes you smile today?

Choosing to smile,
April E.


  1. Nice list and a good way to deal with a negative attitude. :)


  2. I love going to an indoor water park with the girls and my hubby, and the girls both tell me, "This is the MOST fun we've ever had here!" I look at them in surprise and say, "But you're just with your 'ol Mom and Dad - you like this better than coming here with your other friends?"

    And they give me these huge grins and say, "YES!"

    (I always enjoyed going places with my parents and siblings far more than I enjoyed going places with my friends and acquaintances...but I always thought I was just a bit weird!)

    Hugs to you, April. I'm loving seeing how the Lord is helping you turn a very tired, busy time of your life into some godly thinking!



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