Thursday, January 20, 2011

The New Study Area

I finally have photos of my tenth grader's new study area.   Rather than add them to my post about finding a study area for her, I decided to start a new post.

This is 15 yo A's new study area.  Since I took the picture, she did decide to put the milk crate under the table so she can stack her assignments in the top left corner at the start of the day, and put them away as she finishes them.

She is right next to the fridge, and my bedroom door, but we'll give it a try.  Just behind her, across the room is the dresser that now holds my mixer, bread machine and one of my crock pots.

I still have diaper and baby supplies in those drawers, but the things I need for a diaper change are in my room.  I'll just need to keep the organizer on my dresser stocked with diapers.

The laundry hamper is next to my dresser, and I have a suitcase that sits open on my dresser to hold toiletries and jewelry boxes.   The bed is immediately across from the dresser, just a step away.

And there is the changing pad on my bed.  You can see the corner of our toddler bed, which is  pushed up against our bed.  We recently moved 2 yo G out of the toddler bed into the boys' room, but we'll keep this in our room until Baby V is ready for it.

If I find solutions for the Thomas train set or a place for other desks, I'll post more photos later.

April E.


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  2. You're so welcome! Thank you for subscribing. :-)


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