Sunday, May 15, 2011

Housekeeping Rule # 1004

Supper usually turns out best if the chef pays attention to it.  In other words, that is not the best time to try to write a blog post.  Somehow, multi-tasking during supper preparations doesn't work well if the other task is on the other side of the house, involves sitting down, and concentrating on something else.


Oddly enough, I had just been telling my 15 yo three nights ago that cooking isn't difficult if you do two things:  follow directions, and pay attention to the meal.  Don't get distracted.


Unfortunately, this week she saw what happens when you don't pay attention -- scorched charcoal sausage links.  They make nice teething sticks for the baby, though.  Very flavorful!  I bet the puppy would like it, too.  The children were not so inclined to gnaw at them.


April E.


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