Saturday, May 14, 2011

Random Silly Remarks

We had a fun week here at our house.  It seemed like one thing after another as we worked our way through the next-to-the-last week of school.


1.  I was threatening to take pictures of my 7 month old daughter wearing nothing but a cloth diaper, so we could document her chubbiness in her scrapbook.  One of my daughters begged me not to, "Oh, Mom!  She'll be terminated for life!"  (hysterical laughter from Mom)


2.  After helping one of my children understand an algebra problem, that child said they hated math.  I replied that I remembered when they told EVERYONE that math was their favorite subject.  They answered, "Yes, I used to like math, but then I got to algebra."  I told them to think of it as a puzzle to solve.  The reply:  "It's a lame puzzle."  (more hysterical laughter from Mom)


3.   My 10 yo son was playing outside with my 5 yo daughter.  He threw himself to the ground, pretending he'd been attacked and killed by something.  His sister stayed hiding in the woods, then walked up and sang to him ... "Flower, gleam and glow.  Let your power shine.  Make the clock reverse.  Bring back what once was mine." Then she ran back into the woods and returned with some flowers.  (hysterical laughter from brother) Yes, she's watched a little too much "Tangled".  


4.  My 11 yo daughter was explaining Les Miserables to her 5 yo sister.  At the end of  Eponine's song, "A Little Fall of Rain", the 11 yo told the 5 yo that she died.  5 yo L asked seriously, "Was she dead when she was singing?"  (hysterical laughter from older sister)


There were many other moments of laughter this week, and times I told a child I was going to blog about what they'd said or done.  Some of those I simply can't share without embarrassing the child too much.  Unfortunately, some of them I've forgotten.  It helps me to write down the moments of joy and laughter, to help me focus on the fun side of parenting.


April E.



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  1. I love those little "kid quips". Unfortunately, I also wait too long and forget most of the cute things my little ones say and do. They grow up way too fast!


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