Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A change of perspective and attitude

Sometimes the very things we love can also be the most annoying.  I can easily let myself be irritated when I'm stuck in my recliner with 3 kids in my lap while my "to do list" grows, or I can choose to enjoy the moment.  I reminded myself of that yesterday morning, and then I started thinking of other sweet blessings that won't be here forever.

  • a little 2 yo hand slipped into mine as we walk to the car

  • a lap so full I can't move underneath 2-3 kids

  • slobbery kisses on my cheek from my 9 month old

  • razzberries on my arm or belly from my 9 month old (watch out!)

  • my teen daughter quietly slipping her hand into mine at Wal-Mart

  • a preschooler who wants me to read to her

  • a teen who wants to talk about the future with me

  • the fact that any of my kids want to talk to me (at all)

  • loud laughter and raucous play

  • kids singing together (not always well)

  • "Mom, can we watch a family movie tonight?"

  • children begging to run boring errands with me

  • teens who seek my opinion and advice

  • children begging for "just a taste" of my food or drink

"Lord, sometimes I get irritated by the fact that I am needed and loved ... too much at times.  Please help me to remember to enjoy each time I am needed and each time the kids want to love on me.  Help me to remember to set aside my "to do list" and just "be" with them.  Help me to put people first.  But, also ... please help me get my work done.  Amen."


April E.


  1. Very true. I need to pray something similar almost every day - thanks for the reminder!


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