Sunday, September 4, 2011

Housekeeping Rule #589

If you happen across a spilled litter box mess, take the time to get a paper towel to clean up large chunks.  Don't just vacuum it up.


If you do decide to vacuum it up, make sure that your vacuum bag is almost full.  Because you WILL be emptying that vacuum bag the next time you need to vacuum.  When the litter box smell spreads through the room every time you turn it on, you WILL throw out that vacuum bag (no matter how empty it is) and start over.


It pays to think about these things before you vacuum something up.  Unfortunately, I usually learn from hindsight.


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Rejoicing in Family,
April E.


  1. Hmmm, My peach sentsy is almost trying to cover up the imaginary odor I'm smelling right now . . . Good tip! Hee Hee. Sorry about your learning curve!

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  3. A good tip, only in my case we use a Rainbow vacuum so I think of things like, don't vacuum up more than a few pieces of spilled Cheerios. Or you'll have a goopy mess of water-logged cereal to clean out of the water trap. And even if you only vacuum up a few pieces, remember to empty the water trap right away, and not late tonight!


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