Monday, November 11, 2013

Just One More Thing Before You Leave Home by David and Bernice Gudgel
Having just sent my first daughter off to college, I still wonder at times if I told her everything I needed to tell her.  Did we talk about the really important things?  Did we cover the hard-to-discuss things?  Does she know how to make the right decisions?  Does she know how to operate the washing machine?  Will she eat well and keep her dorm room clean?  Basically, is she ready?

Thankfully, my daughter is willing to call me up and ask questions.  I walked her through her first load of laundry over the phone, since I forgot to look at their laundry facilities with her before I left.  We've talked about relationships, finding the right church, and her decisions about her major.  She's doing well.  But just in case, I have a book to send home with her after Thanksgiving break.  It's wonderful!

Just One More Thing Before You Leave Home was written by David Gudgel from a list of conversations he had with his three children before they launched into the world. Now they're recorded in this book for other parents to use with their own children.  The book is grouped into ten parts, with three chapters in each part.  Its topics include relationships, choices, money, time-management, painful circumstances, careers, moral dilemmas (drinking, gambling, entertainment), sex, spiritual commitments, and practical tips.

Each chapter begins with a personal story that draws you into the subject and helps you relate with the author.  Then he gives guidelines from Scripture and general wisdom to help guide the young adult to making the right choices.  The chapter concludes with a few discussion questions to help the reader apply the chapter to their own life, or to facilitate discussion between parent and child.

The advice in this book has all been excellent.  I haven't read anything that concerned me at all. It's exactly what I want my kids to read/hear as they set out on their own. The book is written with respect for the young adult and not in a demeaning or condescending tone.

Although the book is excellent, I can't see myself sitting and reading it aloud with a teen.  I could see having two copies, assigning the reading for a week, and then meeting together to discuss it over coffee.  For my daughters, who enjoy reading books about Christian life, I probably would be able to just give it to them to read, and discuss it as they feel led.

Just One More Thing Before You Leave Home is a wonderful resource for parents of teens and young adults. It would make an excellent graduation gift! Or send a copy to a young adult who's already out on their own, trying to find their way. 
A copy of this book was given to me free by Litfuse Publicity Group, for review purposes.  This review contains my own thoughts, and my honest opinion.  No other compensation was received for this review. 

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