Friday, July 18, 2014

2014-2015 Homeschool Curriculum Plans

I am getting ready for the new school year.  Baseball is over, the fair is next week, and we'll start school again on August 11th. I have all our school books bought already, though some haven't arrived yet.  I'm getting excited, though I don't think the kids are thinking about school yet.

These are my curriculum plans for the 7 kids I'll be teaching, though the preschooler will be very low-key.  I don't work with preschoolers on a daily basis, at least not in a structured way.

4 yo V - Preschool
simple handwriting workbooks
simple math workbooks
Before Five In A Row

6 yo G - Kindergarten
Horizons K math workbooks
Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading
Handwriting workbooks
Explode the Code (phonics workbooks)
Five In A Row (unit studies that cover literature, social studies, art, science, applied math)

8 yo L - 3rd grade

Horizons 3 math workbooks
handwriting - cursive workbooks
Spectrum Grade 3 Language Arts workbook
Spelling Power Level D
Christian Liberty Nature Readers
Five In A Row (unit studies that cover literature, social studies, art, science, applied math)

10 yo M - 5th grade
Saxon 65 math
handwriting cursive books
Easy Grammar 5
Spelling Power
Write Shop Junior
Apologia science - land animals/swimming creatures
Mystery of History  Story of the World, vol. 1

13 yo J - 8th grade
Saxon Algebra 1/2
All American History 1
Apologia General Science
Easy Grammar Plus
Apples Spelling
Progeny Press literature guides - Around the World in 80 Days, A Wrinkle In Time, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Redwall

15 yo C - 10th grade
Saxon Geometry
World History
Total Fitness 1
English 2 TLP/Progeny Press (Pride & Prejudice, Frankenstein, To Kill a Mockingbird, research paper)
Latin 1 
home driver's ed

17 yo R - 12th grade
College Comp 1 (taking at CC this Fall)
General Psychology (at CC in spring)
Economics and Government
Advanced Biology Human Anatomy and Physiology (at CC in Spring)
Saxon Advanced Mathematics
Computer Science (taking Computer Applications at CC this Fall)
Total Fitness (at CC this Fall)

(Edited to update my 12th grader's curriculum plans.  Because she is interested in joining the military, we are trying to maneuver the homeschool military application process.  All of our research says that she should be able to enter by her diploma alone, and HSLDA states this is what the Pentagon has decided for all branches of the Armed Forces. However, her recruiters are having trouble finding specific guidelines and requirements.  So we decided to have her take 15 credit hours at the community college, instead of just the 7 we had planned for her. We found some courses that had state grants for high school students to take, that lined up with our plans for her at home anyway, so it shouldn't end up costing us much more than what we already planned to spend.  Hopefully the 15 hours will just help smooth out her application process.)

We are moving away from Tapestry of Grace completely.  Our high school students had already stopped using it, but we are also stopping it with our middle kids.  It is such a fight to get them to do the reading.  Two of them are boys and one is a girl ... but they are not avid readers and prefer high-interest books.  I'm going to do Mystery of History with M and L, I think.  I had thought I'd do MOH with J, but think I'll have him do All American History year 1 this year, and he can do year 2 his freshman year and then get his US History credit in 2 years (8th and 9th) instead of using the Abeka US History that the two oldest girls used and C will use.

April E.

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