Thursday, September 11, 2014

Finding Joy in a Hectic Life

There are days when I drag myself out of bed, spend a few minutes reading my email before kids wake up ... and spend the rest of the day spinning in circles, trying to meet everyone's needs until I finally fall into bed late at night. Hectic  describes most days in our home. If a day goes by that feels a little relaxed and restful, it's probably because I left too many things undone on my to-do list. With voices calling out requests all day long, chores piling up, and arguments waiting to be settled, it is sometimes difficult to remain joyful.

So how do you find joy when the bills are due, everything is breaking, the kids won't obey, another kid has a cavity, the kids have their third stomach virus of the year, and you haven't had a moment to yourself in what seems like forever?

You stop, take a deep breath and look around.  Notice the good things.  Give thanks for the blessings in your life, no matter how small.

  • Take notice of the moments that your 3, 5, 8, and 10 year old kids are playing peacefully.  (Try not to focus on the duplo mess they're making, though.)
  • Look into your daughter's eyes, and admire her dimple.  
  • Take a look around after you tuck your kids in bed, notice them all reading quietly, embrace the silence.
  • Give your husband a hug. Just inhale the scent of his cologne as you lean on his strength.
  • Listen to your kids' jokes and allow yourself to enjoy their sense of humor.
  • Take time to enjoy your favorite tea or coffee while listening to your favorite music.
  • Give yourself permission to read a book, even if you can only get 15 minutes in each day.
  • Enjoy your teens' personalities and banter.
  • Take a nature walk with your kids if you can't get out alone for a walk. Enjoy the beauty of God's creation.
There is something good in every day.  God is a good God.  His world is a good creation, a gift to us. Each day is filled with small blessings.  Sometimes we just have to stop, take off the blinders, put down the to-do list and  breathe in the beauty of our everyday, hectic life.

April E.

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