Sunday, January 24, 2016

23 days down, 343 to go.

We are 23 days into the new year, and I still haven't made any resolutions. So far my list looks like this: "potty train my almost 3 year old and just do better at everything I should be doing".

I haven't picked a word for 2016, though with the busyness and noisiness of our family life, peace still seems like a good word. Or maybe I need to focus on love and joy more. Actually, sometimes I just need to remember to smile at my loved ones. Smile seems like a lousy word for the year, though.

I have the winter blahs and we just got our first real snow 3 days ago. Our homeschool is three weeks into the second semester and I am struggling to find my motivation. I know I struggle through every winter ... some seasonal depression I am sure.

Knowing this, I opened our living room drapes, braving the drafts in exchange for some much-needed sunlight. But that doesn't change the fact that we are having cabin fever. I still haven't figured out how to get my kids outdoors so they aren't cooped up fighting. all. day. long. No one really likes the cold weather - or the summer heat for that matter. We are definitely a spring and fall family.

This week, the kids did stop procrastinating over their schoolwork so much. Progress! I dug out the first All About Reading reader and my 1st grader is reading it to me every day. That has been a bright spot in each day, to see him having success at reading me a story, with very little help from me.

I was looking at my curriculum shelf the other day and noticed some of my writing resources and other things. It suddenly made me wish for a chalkboard that I could put daily writing prompts on for my elementary and middle school children. I remember doing that with my older girls, and they had composition books to write in each day. Just an idea that fell by the wayside over the years, but would be a simple way to get writing added back in to our homeschool.

Actually, I think I need to start the school day with "mom lessons" and do some group things before they jump into their individual workbooks. Waiting until they each finish their workbooks (at different times) hasn't been working well. Just some restructuring, I think.

I don't have huge goals for 2016. I really just have one - to restore peace and order in our home. I have already made progress on the house, but the family and school routines still need a lot of  work. I need to dig into God's Word and work on my own spiritual life so I can be filled with peace and love to pour onto my family. Maybe it will be catching. Even if it isn't, I will be showing a more active and committed Christian walk, setting an example.

How's that for a completely rambling post to celebrate that I have a laptop again? Blogging is so much easier with a keyboard and not on a tablet.

Seeking peace and joy and order in 2016!
April E.

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