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Review: NIrV Minecrafters Bible

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Yes, my son is a fan of the Minecraft game. All of my kids are, to be honest. I knew that this Minecrafters Bible would be right up my son's alley. He was so excited to receive it.

For the most part, this is a normal New International Reader's Version Bible. The main difference is that there are illustrations that resemble Minecraft creations. On the illustration of Noah's Ark, there is a short introduction/explanation of the Bible story, a Bible verse, and then a challenge. The challenge is to create a large two-level boat and bring two of every animal to it using food. For the story of Samson, the reader is challenged to create a large building with two tall pillars. For the nativity story, you are challenged to create a stable and a manger.

I love that the Minecrafters Bible encourages them to take what they're reading and re-create it in their game. This can also be a fun way for parents to interact with their children, taking their devotional time and expanding it in the game.

Mostly, this Bible just wins for its coolness factor. When my son takes it to church, the other kids ooh and ahh over its cover and illustrations.

The NIrV does make it easier for my son (now 8) to read the and understand the verses himself. He has asked to read his Bible before bed more often now than he ever did before. This is not a red-letter edition. So if it is very important to you to have Jesus' words in red, you won't find that in here.

This is a nice, hardcover Bible that will be getting lots of use in our home! My son gives it two thumbs-up, and so do I.

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