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Review: NIV Holy Bible Journal Edition

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When the NIV Journaling Bible for Girls arrived, all the girls in my family were oohing and ahhing over it. The turquoise floral hardcover is so pretty, and the journaling Bible has a different shape than most Bibles; the extra margin adding to the width of the book overall. There is a pink elastic strap that wraps around the Bible when it is closed, holding any loose papers in place and helping to flatten any pages you've decorated, as well as a turquoise ribbon bookmark.

I haven't started doing art journaling in any Bibles yet, but I am a profuse note-taker. The Scripture on each page of this Bible is pushed toward the center binding, allowing for a wider margin on the outside of the page. Each side has a 2 inch wide, lined margin. Although I don't particularly need the lines, this Bible is intended for younger girls to use, and the lines will be helpful for them to write their thoughts and sermon notes.

The font in this Bible is a bit small, but much bettter than my compact Bible. It isn't a red-letter version, nor does it have any maps, cross-reference column, or commentary notes. It does have footnotes that have some very minor notes that define certain words or explain an alternate translation of the text.

This is a beautiful, well-made, hardcover Bible, with plenty of room for journaling or artwork!

I've been having a hard time with the idea of passing this on to my ten year old daughter, though I know I should. I've taken it to church and written in it already, but I know I should pass it on to her, since she wants to use it in the same way. I guess I need to get a journaling Bible of my own instead.

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