Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Review: Laura Story's Open Hands Album

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Laura Story's music inspires and comforts. We hear it on the radio, and sing it in church services. Her new album, Open Hands, is no different.

We were already fans of Laura Story's contemporary Christian music style, and my family has been enjoying this latest album. Each of her songs speaks of the rich depths of a relationship with Christ, and His Steadfast Love. Open Hands describes the continual act of surrendering our life and dreams to God's will. Every Word You Breathe is a reminder to seek God's voice, to listen and cling to His Word each day.

I love how she works classic hymns into For the Love of my King and Awake My Soul. She keeps the hymn portion classic, inserting her modern verses between the hymn. It flows together so well. As a mother, my heart resonates with Give You Faith, a prayer that our children will have their own faith in God and a relationship with Him.

The entire Open Hands album is beautiful, uplifting, and so easy to listen to. If you're already familiar with Laura Story's music, you will want this CD. If the video I shared was the first time you'd heard her sing, and you enjoyed it, you'll love the rest of the album, as well. We're loving it! Now that I've had it to myself for a week, my daughter is raising her hand for her turn.

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