Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Review: Threads of Suspicion by Dee Henderson

I've been a Dee Henderson fan for YEARS, from her very first O'Malley series. Her books have changed over the years, gained depth and lost some of the constant danger that her earlier books usually entailed. Threads of Suspicion is the second book in her new Evie Blackwell Cold Case series. I've enjoyed both of the Evie Blackwell books. It's intriguing to see Evie dive into all the old files and start to find connections that were missed initially. In this book, she works with others to solve the crime of a missing college student, and each detective has a different method or style.

I read Threads of Suspicion on a car trip with my family. My husband kept complaining that I wasn't listening to him. I reminded him I was reading something very engrossing, and it was frustrating to be interrupted, again. (I later repeated that charge to him when he was tuning me out while reading messages on his phone. We laughed together.)

I like Evie. I like her methodical, puzzle-solving job. I like the other characters involved in the mystery, and I very much enjoyed Threads of Suspicion. There were a few things that I knew were coming, something would be introduced and I'd guess something significant was going to happen involving that. However, there were also other surprises I didn't expect. The book wasn't too predictable, and it wasn't too dark. This series isn't going to keep me from sleeping at night, unless I'm still in the middle of reading the book and can't put it down. I appreciate that, because I want to be engrossed in a book completely while reading it, but not be haunted by it when I have finished the book.

As always, the book is clean. It doesn't have language, inappropriate relationships between adults, or unnecessarily violent descriptions. The characters' discussion of their faith and struggles flows naturally and doesn't seem to just be plopped into the book so it can be called Christian.

I will continue to recommend Dee Henderson books to other Christian readers who like mysteries. I still want a map, though. A character map that shows me every main character, how they connect, what books they reappear in (even just with a vague mention). Sometimes I feel like I should know who a character is but can't remember what book or series they're from. Other times I recognize a first name and assume it's someone I've read about in another Dee Henderson book, but am not 100% sure.

Still loving Dee Henderson books,
April E.

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