Saturday, September 23, 2017

Review: All In by Matthew West

Our family has been blessed to see Matthew West in concert at Winter Jam in the past. We've enjoyed his albums and our children often listen to them as they're falling asleep at night. So, we were very excited to receive his latest album, All In, for review.

The album has a more personal feeling, showing little pieces of Matthew's life. The Sound of a Life Changing tells the story of Matthew West's own call to music ministry.  Something Greater talks about his marriage at first, and then moves on to other issues as it discusses the sovereignty of God and His work in the world. Jesus & You is another song that shows his thankfulness for Jesus' grace in his life, and his wife's love. Becoming Me is a tribute to Moms - I'm not sure if it's to his mother or his wife, but it's beautiful. And of course, one of our favorite parts of his albums is the hidden track featuring his daughters - and we loved this one, too.

The songs on the All In album are:
  • All In
  • Broken Things
  • Mercy is a Song
  • Amen
  • The Sound of a Life Changing
  • Something Greater
  • Jesus and You
  • The Beautiful Things We Miss
  • 1 Song
  • Power Love Sound Mind
  • Never Ever Give Up
  • Dream Again
  • Becoming Me
  • You are Known
We were immediately familiar with the song, Broken Things, which was released this Spring and has had a lot of radio play. The entire album is enjoyable and uplifting, with Matthew West's Contemporary Christian style. It's hard to say which songs are my favorite because I like so many of them. I enjoy All In, Mercy is a Song, and I love the unique, upbeat style of Amen. Power Love Sound Mind speaks to me because anxiety and fear have played their part in my life, and I love the verse it's based on. Likewise, I love the message s of Never Ever Give Up and You Are Known. They encourage my heart and I know of others who would be blessed by the message in them. Keep fighting, don't give up, KNOW that God sees you, loves you and KNOWS you!

Our entire family is enjoying All In by Matthew West. This evening the majority of my family are seeing him in concert on his All In tour. I know they're going to be blessed!

April E.

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