Thursday, February 2, 2006

The Mystery of the Wet Pajamas

Yesterday afternoon, I walked into the
back bedroom and picked up my nearly 5yo son's pajamas.  Only to
discover them very wet and smelly.  Ugh!!  "No wonder he got
dressed so fast this morning," I thought.  I checked the bed and
it was dry.  So I called him in and asked where he had wet himself
at.  A little late to be cleaning up puddles, but I was going to
try.  He informed me that he woke up with wet pajamas, but his bed
wasn't wet.  

I sniffed and felt, and confirmed what he'd said.  It was a bit of
a relief, since the sheets were JUST put on clean the day before. 
So, I just decided he must have woke up right AFTER he wet himself and
got up fast enough not to get the bed wet ... but I'm still not sure
how he kept his quilt dry. 

Well, fast forward one day.  Same son just came to me fully dressed again for his breakfast.  *sigh* 

Mom -- "J, where are your pajamas?  Are they wet?"  
J -- "Yes, but the bed isn't."
Mom -- "J, you keep telling me every night that you've gone potty
already, but this is the second day you've wet yourself when you woke
up.  From now on, Mommy is going to make you go potty right before
we pray so you don't wet again."
J -- "Okay, Mommy."

*sigh*  Now I guess I'll go collect his wet pajamas (wherever they
may be) and do another sniff/feel test of his bed and blankets to see
if they really are dry.  And the floor next to his bed. 

How does he wet himself w/o wetting them?  Yesterday, at least, it
wasn't just a little wet.  Anyone care to solve that mystery for

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  1. Well, that certainly is a mystery. Is there any chance he's getting up and has to go so badly first thing in the morning, that he just goes as he's standing there, beside the bed, half awake? Odd.



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