Wednesday, April 22, 2009

April's Homeschool Crew Top 20

We were blessed to receive so many curricula and educational items to review this year as part of The Old Schoolhouse Homeschool Crew.  We truly enjoyed trying out so many new things, and are thankful to all the vendors who sent items for our family to review. 

But when all is said and done, we do have our absolute favorites, the ones that we just know are right for our family.  The children and I compiled this list together, although we couldn't narrow it down to just ten items.

#1 Favorite Curriculum Of All
Five In A Row -- this is still the curriculum I recommend most often because it is so gentle, enjoyable, user-friendly, and inexpensive.  I love the books that it uses to teach, and I love the gentle conversational style of education.  I have to admit that I really do compare every other curriculum that I use to Five In A Row.

#2 Favorite Curriculum Of All
Tapestry of Grace -- I love that it simplifies the process of teaching multiple levels of children and uses living books.  I love the unity of the whole family studying together with history as the foundation of our studies.  I love that I can adapt it easily from week to week.   I rated it #2 because I know it isn't as user-friendly and it's more expensive.

Best New Discoveries For Me

All About Spelling and All About Homophones (both by Marie Rippel) were the best new discoveries I made this year.  I love them both and they were totally new to me.

Must Have For Every New Homeschooling Mom
Homeschooling ABC's e-course -- I still wish I'd had this ten or eleven years ago.

Top Ten Curricula
(in alphabetical order because I can't decide which ones I like best)

  1. Apologia Science

  2. ARTistic Pursuits

  3. Auralog Tell Me More Spanish Homeschool Edition

  4. Friendly Chemistry

  5. Generations of Virtue Beautifully Made Series

  6. Memoria Press First Start French  and Famous Men of Modern Times Set

  7. Salem Ridge Press

  8. Spears Art

  9. The Little Man In The Map

  10.  Write Shop Story Builders

Honorable Mention Items (also in alphabetical order)

  1. Core-Learning Crayola Art Studio

  2. Heads Up Readers

  3. Media Angels Truth Seeker Mystery series

  4. One2Believe Tales Of Glory Play Sets (1st review and 2nd review)

  5. Schleich Action Figures

We didn't receive every item that the TOS Homeschool Crew reviewed this year, and our top choices differ from other families' choices.  You can see what other Crew members rated on their Top Ten Lists HERE (although not every family created a Top Ten List) .

You can read ALL of my Homeschool Crew Reviews HERE.

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  1. What a grand adventure this has been! See ya around!

  2. My daughter is LOVING First Start French too. She gets up every morning and just starts doing it on her own. LOVE that! And my son said hello to everyone in Latin the other day just for fun :-).


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