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Bertie's War -- historical fiction by Kregel Publications

I love historical fiction!  It's one of  our family's favorite genres to read.  The majority of historical fiction is set before 1950.  That fact alone sets apart Bertie's War by Barbara Blakey.  It is set in 1962, during the Cuban Missile Crisis at the height of the Cold War.

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Bertie's War takes the reader into the heart and mind of 12 year old Roberta (Bertie) as she stands on the edge of adolescence in fearful times.  Torn between the comfort of childhood and a desire to be more mature, she must also deal with her own fears of failure, rejection, and of things she can't control -- like nuclear missiles.  The novel takes the reader right into the friction of the family relationships and Bertie's personal war.  As Bertie works through her own fears and emotions, she also grows closer to her family and to God.

Bertie's War is a paperback book, 8 inches x 5.25 inches in size.  As a novel of 192 pages with a smaller print, it's a bit difficult for my 10 year old to read, but the main character was younger than my 14 year old or myself could relate to.  My 14 year old was interested in the sibling relationships in the book, but she didn't really connect with the main character.  I found myself (as an adult) growing impatient with the main character, but I am not the target audience.   Part of my own impatience is also that I prefer books that are less focused on the emotions of the characters, so that is simply a style preference.   I think this book will suit 11-13 year old girls best.

Although it is set in 1962, and the fears of Bertie are centered around the Cuban Missile Crisis, it doesn't give much factual information about the actual event.  The book focuses more on the effect the situation had on everyday Americans.  It does provide cultural insight into the time period, and would be beneficial as a 5th - 8th grade literature supplement to your history studies.

Kregel Publications
published this juvenile fiction novel by Barbara Blakey, the author of the Total Language Plus curriculum.  They also publish many other books for Kids & Tweens, Homeschooloers, Pastors and Ministry Leaders.  Their vision is "to maximize the impact of quality, life-changing Christian resources".  

Bertie's War
is available for $7.99 at Kregel's website, a good value for a paperback fiction book. 

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