Thursday, October 14, 2010

Motherhood Hint #613

A sure sign that you've reached "middle age" (we'll avoid use of that "old" word),  or that you've got teens:

when half the time you find yourself  heading to bed and telling your child to shut off the lights and go to bed soon.

Gone are the days of tucking them all into bed, enjoying some quiet time with hubby,  and then heading to bed with all the children snoring softly.  Either we're just too "middle-aged" to stay up as late as we used to ... or the kids are getting older.

April E.


  1. There was a time when I was able to stay up way past midnight and still be able to get up early and not feel tired.

    Now, I am lucky to be able to stay awake past 10pm. I have become a boring old woman!! :lol:

  2. Well, besides the fact that I was a pregnant mom and now am the mom of a newborn (and am in my late 30s) ... we rarely stay up until midnight during the week anymore. Steve's job (since moving here 3 years ago) means he has to be up shortly after 5, and I am up about 5:45 am. We just can't stay up until midnight and still get up that early. Before we moved here, when he could sleep later, we did stay up much later.


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