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Dig-It: Roman Town Software

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I always dreamed of being an archaeologist.  I imagined myself discovering treasures in exotic locations.   Even though I know that most archaeology isn't that exciting, I still find the thought fascinating.

If you have a child who is interested in archaeology, they will love this Roman Town game.  Even if they don't dream of being an archaeologist, it can enhance your family's  study of Ancient Rome.   Roman Town allows children to explore a historically accurate virtual excavation site, using discovery-based learning and problem-solving.  Children learn more about the history, art, and culture of ancient Rome in this fun game.  Roman Town is designed for 5th to 8th graders, but it can be enjoyed by all ages!

My 6 year old and my 15 year old worked their way through the Roman Town dig, and they both enjoyed the process.  Roman Town can be enjoyed multiple times.  If you return to a dig site, you can uncover different things by using different tools. The player arrives at each dig site with a set number of tools and workers.   The player has the role of manager who needs to assign workers and tools to each flag at the site.  When a worker finds something, the player clicks on that flag and finishes uncovering the item at close range.  As workers finish in an area, the player moves the workers to new areas.

My children love interactive, problem-solving computer games.  I love that they engage their minds while solving the puzzles.  Roman Town appeals to me because it fits that same category of game, but it also supplements our history studies.  This review arrived at a perfect time for our family as we are currently studying Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome.  This is a fun and interesting learning tool for history, as well as teaching children about the archaeology field.

The Dig-It website provides some helpful information regarding how parents can use Roman Town in their homeschool.   You can also view videos and screen shots of Roman Town at this link.  Take a peek at Roman Town and its features in this video.


System Requirements (from their website):

  • Windows Vista/ XP/ 2000

  • CPU 800 Mhz;   RAM 412MB;   Hard Drive 350MB

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Roman Town can be purchased HERE.  Don't forget the coupon!

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