Sunday, April 24, 2011

Just goes to show how smart I really am ...

I just proved to my 11 yo daughter how entirely clever and brilliant I am.  She is properly impressed that I passed her little test.


I was being silly and walking around singing, "I'm so smart!  I'm so smart!"  I had just figured out a solution to storage problem I was facing.  It had just dawned on me that I could store my bulky exersaucer in our leaky basement IF I took out the cloth seat portion.  I hadn't wanted to put the cloth down there to possibly mildew, but I didn't have any more closet space to store the whole thing.  It was about time I figured it out, because at 7 mo, Baby V doesn't like to be in it anymore.


About that time, my 11 yo walked up and said, "Mom, I have a question.  If you're so smart ..."


I said, "Uh, oh!  No good question ever started out with those words ... If you're so smart ... "


She laughed and then proceeded to ask me her question.  "So, what's 6.59 divided by pi."  pause "I don't even know what pi is."  giggle


I then brilliantly explained to her that pi is 3.14 and a bunch of other numbers that we simplify to 3.14.  Then I told her that the answer to her question would be 2.something that I couldn't really figure out in my head.


She said, "You weren't supposed to KNOW the answer!"


I told her I really didn't know an exact answer, but that it just goes to prove, "I'm so smart!  I'm so smart!"   (back to singing)


I love my kids!
April E.




  1. Yes! You are so smart. Cause it would have taken me a while to recall what pi exactly was!

    I came over from Mrs. White's blog. Thanks for the funny story.

  2. Only because I've been teaching algebra to my oldest and every time we find pi in a problem, she automatically says 3.14. LOL!!


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