Sunday, July 31, 2011

Did she just say that?

My five year old daughter has been on a roll lately.  She's said more than a few things that stopped us in our tracks, as we stood there thinking, "Did she really just say that?"


One of the things she's been saying that we're working to put a stop to is this, "But you don't want to hear me make a really whiny cry.  If you don't let me go, I'll cry a lot and throw a fit.  You'd better let me go, so you don't have to hear me throw a fit." This is of course stated with huge tears rolling down her face and her "poor starving orphan" look firmly in place.  Um, I don't think so.  No threatening or blackmailing your parents.


Last night, as I was telling her to get ready for bed, I was reminding all of my middle children that I was their mom and they needed to stop playing and start obeying.  She then said, "But you're inside my brain, so I'm the boss." (I think she's seen Freaky Friday one time too many.)  I informed her that I was not inside her brain and she was going to get ready for bed.


Today on the way to church she asked me if she looked like a fish when she was a baby.  I could not figure out why she asked that.  I could tell from the looks passing between the other kids that they knew the source of this unusual question.   Finally one of the teen girls confessed that recently 5 yo L had asked why she had fish on her special hooded towel, but the older girls had flowers on their old ones.  Her older sister informed her that it was because she looked like a fish when she was a baby.  Ahem.  I gave the older sister a dirty look after she confessed and then assured 5 yo L that I really chose the fish because I thought they were cute and she wasn't even born yet when I did it.  She needs to stop listening to her older sisters.


The funniest moment came when Steve had several of the children at a water park/pool earlier this week.  As they were preparing to leave, one of her older sisters was urging her to use the bathroom as she changed clothes.  She kept saying she didn't need to go.  Her sister said, "You haven't gone to the bathroom since we got here, you have to go." Then came the kicker.  "Yes, I did.  I just went in the ..." Her older sister stopped her and said, "Don't tell me." For a few seconds there was silence.  Then the changing stalls around them erupted in laughter from other ladies who couldn't stifle it any longer.  This was the same sister who told her she looked like a fish.  I hope she was just a bit embarrassed at that moment.  She deserved it.


Yep, that's my girl.  Cute.  Quirky.   Sometimes sweet.  Sometimes sassy.  We're working on overcoming the sassy part.


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Rejoicing in Family,
April E.

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  1. LOL. I love the pool one. She is a fish after all.


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