Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Helpful links when you're teaching your teen to drive

In Kansas, there are some circumstances where a teen driver can earn their license without taking a Driver's Ed Course.  We chose to take that route, having our daughter wait until 15 to get her learner's permit (requires written test), and spend 50 hours on the road with us.  At 16, she will re-take the written test, take a driving test, and be able to earn a restricted license, which will convert to a regular license at 17 if she doesn't pile up a bunch of traffic violations.


We did contact the high school to see about getting her into driver's ed, for insurance savings, but the local school was full.  The next town over had space in their course, but once we counted up the cost of the course, plus gas to take her over and pick her up each day she had class or driving practice, we decided that it wasn't really worth $400+ cost just to save a little on insurance.


Since we're her only driver's education source, I went looking on the internet for articles and videos I wanted her to view and read as part of our family's driver's education course. We've talked about many of these things already, but a visual lesson can help cement it in her mind.  Some of these topics, we haven't yet covered, but I know I want her to learn them even if it doesn't come up in our driving lessons.

I thought I'd share the links with others who might be teaching their own kids to drive, as well.


This link has information about safely driving around 18 wheeled commercial trucks:

This article  has helpful information about driving in winter weather:

Another severe weather driving article:

This page has helpful information about sharing the road with other vehicles safely:

A driver's ed e-booklet from the federal government:

A resource of several videos from a driver's ed course, being shared free:


I'll add other links as I think of topics I want her to read/view and find new websites.


I'm sure there are others out there who are teaching their kids to drive without signing them up for Driver's Ed.  I hope this helps you, as well.


April E.

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