Thursday, April 18, 2013

Juggling Plates

Where have I been?  Busy.  I've opened my blog dashboard several times, knowing I needed to write, occasionally even having ideas to write about.  But I've continually been drawn away from the computer before I could write.

I've been busy trying to juggle so many plates, but I keep dropping the blogging one:
  • homeschool Mom planning school, helping students, refocusing distracted kids, and looking ahead to next year
  • busy mother preparing meals, supervising chores, fighting mount laundry, settling squabbles, enforcing rules, mending hurts, soothing fears, and holding little ones that cry "Me need you, Mama" and "Me hold you, Mama" 
  • helpmeet and best friend to my hard-working husband - running errands, researching info, making calls, paying bills, preparing lunches for work
  • mom of a newborn that needs to be held a lot, and often gets fussy so he needs to be held "just so" and seriously limits the ability to type
  • mom of a graduating senior who needs to talk about majors, college paperwork, essay assignments, graduation ceremonies and prom details
I often feel as if I'm achieving very little in a day, though I know (deep down) that isn't true.  Even on days that I achieve nothing tangible other than feeding the family three meals and keeping the family safe ... I know I've been here to listen, to comfort, to hopefully point kids to Jesus, and to just love the family God's given me.  Even if I feel like my words are bouncing off the ceiling rather than being heard and remembered, I have to believe that some seeds were planted.

I don't really have anything wonderful to share, so I'll just post a photo of our latest blessing.  He is well-loved.

photo taken by my sister Sarah 3 weeks ago

One of these days I'll get back into a blogging schedule.  Thank you for being patient.

April E.

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