Monday, October 7, 2013

Using up all those EGGS from your pet chickens

I love having chickens.  I love watching them.  It's so relaxing to take a walk outside and just watch them for awhile.  I'm not sure what that says about me, but it's true.

We frequently have too many eggs in our fridge.  Because I am not a morning person (also lazy) and will not cook eggs for breakfast  - like ever - we can only get through so many in a week.  We usually eat one big egg supper and maybe have egg sandwiches for one or two lunches ... plus whatever we use in baking or making a meat loaf. 

Occasionally, I boil a big batch of eggs, to use the excess.  My kids are always excited for the eggs, at first ... but then they sit in the fridge getting stinky.  Eventually, we end up feeding several old boiled eggs to the barn cats.

Right after I boiled 2 dozen eggs last week, our family saw this video from youtube: How to Peel an Egg Russian Way.  Now my kids are eagerly eating boiled eggs just so the boys can peel them the Russian way.

If you have boys, they will love this and beg you to boil eggs so they can try it. And yes, I've tried it, too. My advice is hold your hand much closer to the egg or lean over a table.  We've had a few hit the floor from an overly confident pre-teen standing up to do it with his other hand too far out.  It doesn't always work, if the egg membrane is adhered to the whites too much, but usually it does.

I hope the novelty doesn't wear off too soon, because I need to use up more eggs.  Lots more.  Otherwise I might have to either cook them for breakfast (gasp) or start baking every day (double gasp)!

April E.

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