Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A movie I can relate to ... Moms' Night Out!

I think every Mom can relate to the desire for a night out with some other moms, or a night out with your husband. Actually, at the moment, it's easier for me to get a night out with moms than it is to get a night out with my husband.  As much as we love our kids, and even as much as we love being home with them ... sometimes we just need a bit of time away, to talk to other adults.  Even better, to not have to wipe noses or bottoms, or break up sibling quarrels ... especially the quarrels.

Moms also need to laugh, to relax, to let go of stress and frustration, to find the joy in parenting again. When I sit down to watch a movie, I want something that will make me laugh ... not cry. 

I'm really looking forward to seeing Moms' Night Out when it's released.  It looks like a clean, fun movie that my husband and I can relate to.  It can be a challenge to find clean comedy movies, but this one will be added to my list of movies to watch this year, and hopefully to own later on.

Can you relate?

April E.

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