Sunday, January 12, 2014

What does a mom of 9 do when she skips church?

Thursday night my 5 year old spiked a fever of 102.  He was normal by lunch the next day, and never had any symptoms other than a bit of a sniffle and an occasional sneeze.  Since then we've had a few kids with headaches and sniffles, but nothing worth staying home. 

The baby, however, woke up from his Friday afternoon nap with an awful, snot-everywhere cold.  He's been miserable since his congestion has made nursing and sucking on his pacifier difficult.  We've been trying to keep his nose suctioned out, but not succeeding very well.  I've taken the doctor's suggestion from last year and given him some benadryl once or twice a day to open up his nose for him.  Since we didn't think anyone else wanted to wipe his nose, or have their kids exposed to his germs, I kept him home with me this morning while Steve took the rest of the family to church.  

I have to stop right here a minute and say a big "Thank you!" to my husband.  He didn't just take the kids to church.  He also had to skip picking up his Mom from the nursing home to take her to church because we can't manage that unless both of us are going to church, and we don't want to expose her to sick-kid germs.  Then he taught our Sunday School class alone, where he had seven 4 and 5 year olds, mostly boys.  Then he had to fill in for me at the infant nursery during church.  Lately it seems like every time the baby gets sick (which demands Mom stay home) it's on my nursery Sunday.  Poor guy. I promise I'm not planning it that way. 

So what does a mom of 9 do when she's home alone on a Sunday morning?  Especially when the baby falls asleep just as everyone is leaving for church?

  1. She puts in her yoga workout DVD (Caribbean Workout: Stretch Into Yoga - which is a really cheesy tv show workout but has 3 different short yoga routines that are good for a beginner like me.)  She spends 20 minutes doing a flex yoga routine that stretches out her muscles, relaxes her spirit as she prays while stretching, and hopefully strengthens her body a bit.
  2. She sits and sips her coffee while reading her Bible.  Just two chapters: Romans 11 and 12.  Then she ponders what she's read awhile, thinking and praying.  Planning how that last section of Romans 12 will make a nice poster to hang around the house for her kids to absorb. Pondering what it means to serve with the gifts you're given, and how to know what gifts God has given you at different points in your life. 
  3. Praying, until she falls asleep. Napping while the baby naps. Making up for the lost sleep when the 3 year old came to our bed at 5:30, and then the baby thought it was time to wake up. 
  4. Putting in a Praise Baby DVD and listening to worship music with the baby as he plays and she cooks lunch.  It doesn't hold his attention well, so she holds him intermittently, wipes his nose, and returns him to his toys several times. At least she hopes he's absorbing some of the good worship music in the process.
  5. She turns on her Miami Vineyard Live CD of Caribbean style praise music to listen to while she writes a quick blog post and waits for her family to return home.  She enjoys the music and her kids do not, so she takes advantage of her time alone to listen to it.  Of course, it will still be playing when the kids get home, and then she'll have to add another rule to her list of "Thou Shalt Nots" from the kids - "Thou shalt not play that Miami Vineyard Live CD, especially if thou art tempted to start singing and dancing."
It's rare that I get to be home with only the baby, especially on a Sunday morning.  Even though I missed out on our church's worship and the pastor's message, I still feel refreshed by my morning.  Bible study, prayer, worship, and relaxing - in my own way.

Now if my family would just get home, I could enjoy eating taco salad with them. In the meantime, I think I'll go dance with the baby and sing awhile.

April E.

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