Monday, November 24, 2014

18 ElCloud Signs You Have A LOT of Kids

This morning, I was reading this article, 18 Signs You Have A LOT of Kids. I immediately thought of 18 signs of my own.

18 ElCloud Signs You Have A LOT of Kids

  1. Your family is so large that you don't get invited to anyone's house.
  2. There are toys in every room of the house.
  3. You've been pregnant or nursing or both since 1998.
  4. You have boy and girl clothes in every size and season from newborn to adult.
  5. You own 3 bunk beds and are looking for a 4th one.
  6. Out of 20.5 years of marriage, you were only not pregnant and not nursing for 20 months.
  7. You've had at least one kid in diapers for 19 years, 3 months.
  8. You just realized you and your husband will be 58 and 59 when your last child graduates high school. Empty nest will come just in time for retirement ... okay, not quite.
  9. You consider building guest cabins so you have more room for future family reunions.
  10. Your pantry looks like a small convenience store. 
  11. Being home with ONLY four kids feels quiet.
  12. You can't wait until you get to downsize to a Suburban again.
  13. Your littlest children feel like they have 4, 5, or 6 parents.
  14. You've had a baby/toddler in your bedroom for 14 years, having given the nursery to other kids.
  15. Saving baby items for future grandkids doesn't seem crazy at all.
  16. Getting a good family photo seems like a small miracle, or the year's greatest achievement. 
  17. No one remembers how many kids you really have, and they usually guess 10 or 12.
  18. You've been compared to the Duggars or asked if you were trying to get your own show like them more times than you can count. 
That's how we personally know we have more than the average number of kids.

What about you? If you have a larger family, what signs pop into your head?

April E.

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  1. Laughing here! We've had some of those too - one day we'll downgrade from our 12 passenger van, we only have sizes up to early teen so far but I've had 12 pregnancies in 14 years (8 living children), the basement is where our pantry/store is, and we could really use a second refrigerator. We don't cook with regular sized pans anymore either. We buy toilet paper in bulk and go through it at an alarming rate. 3 bunks here too and getting ready to make some trundles to go under them.


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