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Book Review: A Longing For Paris by Sarah Mae

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I don't have a thing for Paris. It just hasn't ever held the romance for me that it does for other people. But I do have longings. Longings for adventure, for beauty and order, for peace. Longings to be recognized or feel I've done something GREAT in this world. So I decided to read A Longing for Paris in order to see how Sarah Mae dealt with unfulfilled and delayed longings in her life. Honestly, the subtitle just appealed to me greatly: "One woman's search for joy, beauty, and adventure - right where she is."

Sarah starts off talking about the very literal longing for Paris' sights, foods, romance, and adventure. But then she took it deeper, including a confidence in yourself and living a healthy life. She wraps up the book by discussing our spiritual life, unearthing our hurts and finding joy in Christ, longing for Heaven.

I like that Sarah Mae concluded each chapter with a short devotional that would draw you closer to God, as well as an action-challenge to bring Paris into your life right where you are. Sometimes I need challenges that include practical ideas like that.  

Not every part of the book spoke to me. I'm older, have more kids, and have already adjusted my view of reality along the way. I've already walked the road Sarah Mae is walking, I guess. But I did need the reminder to find joy where I am, to slow down and savor both food and the sweetness of my life, to seek out adventures in the place that I live. I needed the reminder that the One who created me created me with all my desires and longings. He created me to want beauty and adventure. But mostly, He created me to be in relationship with Him. And following Him, really listening to His voice, brings adventure into my life. Drawing closer to Him and seeking His face, brings out beauty in me.

A Longing For Paris seems to me to be a book written for women in their late 20s and 30s, young moms bogged down in the everyday-ness of their lives. It is encouraging and encompasses all aspects of life, encouraging women to find their own joy and beauty in the life God has gifted to them.

April E.

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