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Crew Review: Skin Clear Cream and Tansy Oil Cream from Koru Naturals

Koru Naturals Review
This is my second Koru Naturals review with the Schoolhouse Review Crew. Earlier this year, we reviewed their Emu Oil and Koolpurrie Restoring Balm.  This time, we were selected to review three Koru Naturals products: Skin Clear Cream, Manuka Honey Propolis Soap, and Emu Oil and Blue Tansy Oil Cream.

Manuka Honey Propolis Soap

 Koru Naturals Review

Let me start by telling you about our experience with the Manuka Honey & Propolis Soap. This octagonal soap was a creamy white on the bottom half and yellow on top. Like many natural soaps, it didn't lather very much, but it cleansed well. I'm speaking in past tense because we completely used it up, though it lasted longer than most bars of soap at our bathroom sink.

I have two daughters with sensitive skin. They react to most liquid soaps, and all antibacterial soaps. Their hands will turn red, sore, and scaly if they don't use gentle soaps, especially in cooler weather. I put the Honey Propolis soap out for them to use. It worked well for them, with no reactions.

I also used it to clean my face on a daily basis. Other than really stinging my eyes if I wasn't careful, it was gentle enough to use without over-drying my face. It may not be intended for facial cleansing, but it works!

Skin Clear Cream

 Koru Naturals Review

The Skin Clear Cream is wonderful! It is a thick lotion, not as thick as body butter, but creamier than most lotions. It has a light lemony scent and is very moisturizing. It only takes a couple dabs to treat your whole face. This 4 ounce tub will last a very long time.

When I used the Skin Clear Cream regularly, I did notice pimples clearing up. I also noticed that blackheads and whiteheads worked their way to the surface faster and came out more easily. It served as skin treatment and moisturizer for a month. After that, I began to notice peeling skin on my chin. I switched to using the Skin Clear Cream once a day (in the morning) and night cream at bedtime. I'm not sure if the cooler weather contributed to the peeling skin or if the Skin Clear Cream was causing the peeling.

My daughter used the Skin Clear Cream as well. She felt like it probably worked, but wasn't fond of dipping it out of the tub. She wasn't consistent with it at all.

I included a picture to help you see the consistency of the cream, as well as how little we've used in the past six weeks.

Emu Oil and Blue Tansy Oil Cream

 Koru Naturals Review

I have saved the best for last. The Emu Oil and Blue Tansy Oil Cream is my favorite. The Tansy Cream (as I call it) has a slightly thicker texture than the Skin Clear Cream. It also takes just a dab at a time and will last me a very long time. I wanted to try it because my husband and I (and even our teens) were using a different arnica cream for aches and pains. The lid doesn't advertise it, but arnica is one of the top ingredients in this cream.

I immediately began using the Blue Tansy Cream on my feet every day. I have plantar fasciitis and my feet are often throbbing by bedtime. When I first rubbed in the Tansy Cream I noticed it was very moisturizing on my calloused feet. I also noticed it had a subtle spearmintish scent rather than a strong menthol or winter mint scent as many arthritis creams do. It didn't announce itself to everyone around me.

The Tansy Cream doesn't burn or get icy cold, which can be uncomfortable if other creams are put on too heavily. Instead, a gentle warmth spreads slowly over the application area. When I rub it into my feet, they stop throbbing and the sharp, stabbing pains go away. It works great for night-time relief. I didn't notice a reduction in pain if I applied it in the morning, though.

My husband has been working on our roof, so I have rubbed it into his back at times. He seemed to appreciate it. I plan to hide it from my oldest daughter, so she won't try to take it to college with her. My feet need it too much!

Final Thoughts

I was very impressed with all of the Koru Naturals products we received. They worked well and were generously sized. I even found a new staple for my home health kit in the Blue Tansy Cream.

Each of the products (and many more) can be bought at the Koru Naturals website: Skin Clear CreamManuka Honey Propolis Soap, and Emu Oil and Blue Tansy Oil Cream.

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April E.

Koru Naturals Review

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