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Crew Review: Brinkman Adventures, Season 3

Brinkman Adventures Season 3 Review

I had heard of The Brinkman Adventures before, but we hadn't made it a priority to purchase them. I was very excited to be chosen to review Brinkman Adventures Season 3.  Our family has enjoyed audio dramas before, but we haven't heard any missionary audio dramas before. We were missing out!

Brinkman Adventures Season 3 Review

At first, I was the only one excited about the CD set of season 3 when it arrived. We had these CD's for awhile but I couldn't convince the kids to listen to them. The kids expected them to be boring and didn't want to sit quietly to listen. One morning, I put the first CD in so I could start listening to them myself. Soon the children woke up. One by one they settled down and began listening. We finished the first CD in one setting, and the room was totally quiet the entire time. I hooked them!

The Brinkman Adventures are extremely well-made audio dramas. Our children are pretty much tv and video game addicted (yeah, no one ever said we were perfect homeschoolers), but they have enjoyed these CD stories. It is a great way to break away from screen time for awhile. We also enjoy audio dramas on long road trips. It helps keep the peace on those sixteen hour drives to Grandma's house.

One of our family's favorite missionary stories is that of the Saint family and the Waodani people of Ecuador. We were so excited to see that those stories were included in this season's episodes. After watching two different movies about them, it was interesting to hear the story in a different way from Steve Saint himself. I hadn't heard about his injury before, so that part of his story was new to us.

Whenever I put another episode on, the older children started listening. It got quieter, and they shushed the youngest two children so they could hear better. I didn't expect that. I thought there would be more difficulty in getting them to listen. But the stories always drew them right in.

After getting to hear these stories, we are sold on The Brinkman Adventures! I will be adding the first two seasons to our family library. I love that the stories aren't just fictional - they are stories based on real people and real events. I appreciate that my children are hearing true stories of people serving God when we listen to them. I pray God uses them to inspire my children to serve Him in whatever way He has planned for them.

Each episode of The Brinkman Adventures is based on a true story. There may be name changes or some fictionalized parts of the story. Whenever we finished an episode, we would read the "rest of the story" at the website. The website always explained exactly what parts were changed and what parts were true.

Each season of The Brinkman Adventures is available for $27.99 in physical CD form, or for $17.99 in mp3 digital download form. I'm old-fashioned and prefer the CD's rather than mp3's, but the mp3 format makes it more affordable, as well as available around the world.

You can listen to a sample episode online at their website. Enjoy!

Our family completely recommends The Brinkman Adventures audio dramas! Five stars from us! You can read about them at The Brinkman Adventures website, and follow them on facebook.

April E.

Brinkman Adventures Season 3 Review

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