Friday, April 1, 2016

Book Review: Playing the Part by Jen Turano

Jen Turano has become one of my new favorite authors for light-hearted, humorous, period adventures. I don't enjoy sappy romances. I am pretty picky about historical fiction, as well. But I love Jen Turano's romantic-comedies with a splash of mystery ... all set in the Gilded Age of late 1800s New York City. Jen Turano's books are their own genre.

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Playing the Part is the third book in the A Class of Their Own series. In this series, three ordinary girls and one match-making benefactress each find the love of their lives - somewhat unwillingly, through adventure and disaster, and always with witty dialogue. This final book features Lucetta Plum, former Southern Belle, now belle of the New York theater stage. Lucetta is beautiful, brilliant, strong, and fed up with gawking admirers. Unfortunately, one of her admirers has become dangerous and Lucetta is whisked away to hide in a castle belonging to the mysterious Bram Haverstein.

Unfortunately, it soon becomes clear that Bram is another one of Lucetta's admirers, which seems to put a hole in Abigail Hart's plans to wed her young friend to her grandson Bram. But unlike her other admirers, Lucetta finds herself drawn to Bram, even while trying to hold him at arm's length. But Bram still has his work cut out for him, proving to Lucetta that he sees her as more than the fainting, weak, damsel in distress she plays so frequently on the stage.

Just when it seems things MIGHT be working out for Bram and Lucetta, the secrets of Ravenwood Castle begin to unravel. Will Bram and Lucetta each be able to get past the secrets of their past that are driving a wedge between them?

Playing the Part is full of fun, romance, and adventure. Who can resist a historical romance with a mysterious eye patch, a haunted castle, a woman-hating goat, midnight walks in Sleepy Hollow's cemetary, stolen jewels, a dangerous enemy, and a bloody sword falling out of a fireplace? Not me.
I hope this isn't the last book of this unique historical, romantic-comedy genre from Jen Turano.

April E.