Friday, April 15, 2016

Better Together: Because You're Not Meant To Mom Alone - my Review

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Momming is hard. It just is. We pour out our lives on a daily basis for our families, often neglecting ourselves. We don't take care of ourselves, we don't rest, we don't nurture friendships with other women. But we should.

Jill Savage is a mother of five, and she's walked that road. Developing friendships with women didn't come naturally for her, but she realized it was important and pushed herself to find her mom tribe. Her daughter, Anne McClane, grew up watching her mom invest in and benefit from these mom friendships. Now, as a wife and a work-at-home mom of two, she is having to grow her own mom tribe. Each of them share their experiences and their challenges in Better Together: Because You Aren't Meant To Mom Alone.  

Better Together begins with building a case for why women need real, in-person, local friendships. There are benefits that come from these skin-on relationships that can't be replaced with social media and discussion groups on the internet. Jill and Anne then discuss ways to find potential friends and develop those friendships. Yes, it is a bit of Friendship 101, but sometimes we need to be reminded of how to make a connection with a stranger or acquaintance. I really enjoyed reading about their different styles of mothers and personalities, and even learned a few things I hadn't really thought about before. The majority of the book focuses on ways to actually live out those friendships in difficult times, through life struggles, health problems, conflict, and just the busyness of life.

In other words, Better Together is a how-to book for taking the MBF (Might Be Friends) moms in your life to the next levels: TBF (Trying To Be Friends), GGF (Good Girl Friends) and BFF (Best Friends Forever). I love the ideas in each chapter to inspire me, because I am just too brain dead to think about growing friendships most days. Even with their ideas, I'm going to have to work up the energy to try to implement them. I'd probably better start with prayer for God to open my eyes to opportunities.

So if you're a lonely mom trying to make connections in your community, or a mom wanting to bring together some other moms for a group study, Better Together is the perfect book for you. Learn from other moms who have built their mom tribes through trial and error.

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