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Review: Pressing Pause by Karen Ehman and Ruth Schwenk

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I was initially drawn to Pressing Pause by its book description: "Kids bickering? Jam Packed? Dishes and laundry both piled high? Perhaps it's time you pressed pause." 

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Obviously the author had been peeking in my windows and suddenly I needed to read this devotional written just for moms like me, who needed to take a moment in the chaos of everyday life to re-focus and refresh. Because when my kitchen looks like that, and my kids are fighting with each other, and arguing with me about chores ... the last thing I usually think about is digging into God's Word. I either turn into drill-sergeant-mom, get grouchy and snappy, or go into avoidance-mode.

I have a lot of devotional books in my home. I have some for Christians in general, some specifically for women, some for homeschool moms, and a couple for moms in general. Most of them are paperback, and none of the ones written for moms are very deep. Pressing Pause, on the other hand, has a beautiful hardcover, with a ribbon bookmark built in. It's the perfect size for holding, with font that's easy to read. There is a neatness to the book that is appealing when the rest of your house is messy. I mean, can we just admire the nice, white pages, the pretty leaf print at the top, and the fact that nobody has drawn in it? (yet)

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Each devotional begins with a Bible verse, unwraps into a devotional lesson, then closes with a prayer and some questions to really help you apply the lesson. There are a few lines at the end of each devotion where you can write your answers if you want. I have an issue with writing in devotions, because then I feel I can't re-use it again later, so I prefer to journal my thoughts in a notebook instead. Some of the devotions are light and refreshing. Others are more challenging, like the one I read this week about parenting in unity with your spouse. Ouch ... and very timely!

I am enjoying these short devotions. I can sneak into my bedroom for five minutes and just take some time to focus on God's plan for my life, and his heart for me as a mom. I can pray and breathe in some peace ... until someone bursts in with the news that my preschooler needs her bottom wiped or the toddler has a poopy diaper. Deep breath, one last prayer, and back into the fray.

Pressing Pause will make a lovely Mother's Day gift for the moms in your life: new moms, older moms, working moms, stay-at-home moms. Give them the gift of a few moments peace, a few moments to stare at a clean, white page, and read life-giving words!

April E.

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