Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Have you picked up your shield and sword today?

  Photo & Art Credit: Unknown Source

I have searched the internet - trying to find out who took this beautiful photo, and who wrote or spoke this quote. I couldn't find an answer. I found variations of it, including some with a quote I didn't like as much. But none of them had any attribution. I'm going to take a risk and share it because I really want to talk about this picture.

I saved this picture to my computer's desktop. I made it my facebook cover photo. When I look at this picture, I don't see a girl just putting on a crown, or straightening it. It is more than just a pretty picture that says "every woman is a princess".

I see a woman of God closing her eyes to the lies that are assaulting her. She is breathing deeply in the Grace of God, His peace, His love, and reminding herself that her true value comes from being His child. His salvation covers all her faults and sins. His forgiveness wipes clean all the guilt and shame.

She is clean. She is whole. She is beautiful. She is strong. She is loved. She is NEVER alone.

And as she receives that strength, that peace, she reaches up and straightens the crown that has been knocked out of place by the trials of the day. She stands up taller. And then she opens her eyes, ready to take on the world again.

The best way to do this is to spend time in God's Word. To spend time praying, and listening to praise music. When we let ourselves get too busy, when we avoid spending time with God, we are inviting those lies to attack us. We're letting down our guard.

What this little girl needs ... is a shield. She isn't just a pretty princess. She is a warrior - a woman of God - with the shield of faith and the sword of truth at her side each and every day. How often I forget to pick up my shield and sword, to defend my crown.

 Photo & Art Credit: Unknown Source

What about you?  Does this picture speak to you the same way it speaks to me? And have you picked up your sword and shield today?

April E.

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