Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Book Review: Counting Blessings by Eileen Spinelli

Be warned, I have a lot of reviews to post in the next few weeks. I'll try to get some personal posts written, but there will be a lot of reviews.

First, I have a special board book to share with you. Counting Blessings by Eileen Spinelli is a beautiful book. It's a larger board book, with a hard cover (not just more board pages as a cover). The illustrations by Lee Holland are so warm, cozy, and charming that the book is just delightful!

Counting Blessings is a rhyming book that flows smoothly and counts all the everyday blessings in a little bunny's life, starting with family, and moving on to warm sweaters, stars, goodnight kisses, and snow. The text is short, perfect for holding a young child's attention, and has a bouncy rhythm to it. Each page has a sentence, so you can easily read the sentence before your child turns the page.

I have a lot of children's books already, even board books. But I love finding new books that fill my children with God's Word, love, and truth. This book isn't overtly Christian. It never mentions God, but carries the basic truth that our lives are full of blessings, and we should be thankful. The countdown makes a relaxing bedtime story, but it also lets you take time to count the items in the picture if you want a more interactive, educational reading of the book.

I couldn't decide what to do with this book. Keep it for my 3 year old son, or give it to my daughter for the grandchild I'll have later this year. I decided to keep it for my son, and I will be able to read it to my grandchildren someday. I am sure it will go on my "to buy for grandbaby" list, though. It's just too sweet and adorable not to.

April E.

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